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2018 NAVC Summer Performance Camp

Equip and NAVC have teamed up to offer 12 male athletes and 24 female athletes an unforgettable 2 day camp experience this summer, August 9 & 10.  Target age group is for athletes in the 16U-18U age groups for the 2018/2019 club season.

 This camp is highlighted with Equip Coaches Rudy Verhoeff (Olympian) and Josh Howatson, both former Sr. National Team Canada members.

Athletes can expect to improve their technical skills, tactical decisions, physical capabilities, and mental proficiencies in order to reach their maximum potential.

For additional information & to register, please click on the document link below:

NAVC Griffins Scholarship Program

NAVC has been proudly supporting University volleyball athletics for many years.  Again this year, NAVC will be providing support for 2 - $1,500 athletic scholarships to MacEwan University Volleyball, as well as 2 - $1,000.00 athletic scholarships to any post secondary institution.

NAVC will be providing 2 - $1,500 scholarships to MacEwan University for one male and one female volleyball player.  These scholarships will be awarded by MacEwan University.

NAVC will also be providing 2 -  $1000.00 athletic scholarships for one male and one female volleyball player competing at any post secondary institution.  The eligibility requirements are as follow:

  1. Completed a full year of post secondary education.
  2. Maintained a GPA of 2.5 or above.
  3. Is part of any college or university volleyball team.
  4. Has played for NAVC.
  5. Is between the ages of 18 to 24.

Applications must include:

  • Name of the institution attending.
  • Transcripts from the preceding year.
  • Letter from your coach confirming your spot on the team.
  • A one page letter discussing the impact volleyball has had on you.
  • A list of NAVC teams you have played on and the year.

Applications deadline:

  • The deadline to submit your application is October 30, 2018 for the 2018/19 school year.
  • Please submit your application to Sue Mohler, president of NAVC


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